Director's Messsage

Dear Preschool Families, Welcome to the Ocean View Early Education School website! My name is Heather Hendrix and I am pleased to serve as Ocean View’s Early Education Director . For the last 15 years, I have worked for Ocean View School District in the elementary and middle school setting. In my experience, I have seen first hand the positive impact a quality preschool education has on our students, which is something I am proud we offer at OVEES. I am thrilled to be serving in this role, and to be part of an experience that is so crucial to the ongoing success of our students.
Ocean View Early Education School is a warm, caring, and fun atmosphere where children can develop a lifetime love of learning. In order to provide the best school experience, teachers have a broad academic background in Child Development and Early Education. We believe that every child is unique and that children are capable learners who learn best through social and environmental interactions. Our staff provides opportunities that stimulate each child’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. We know that learning is a continual process that begins at home. For this reason, keeping the lines of communication between home and school is hugely important to a child’s success. Open and frequent communication also allows children to see that adults in their life care and are interested in their learning and development. Our school’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with a passion for teaching and learning, and the joy of serving our community, has created success for the lives of our students.
For any questions or concerns of any kind please feel free to email me or call. Warm regards, Mrs. Heather Hendrix 805.488.5277