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Mission Statement
Ocean View School District Ensures that all students achieve academic success and are prepared to live and learn in a rapidly changing world by providing rigorous and relevant learning experience and empowering families and staff to work together.

Ocean Opportunity – Oportunidad

View Valuable – Valuoso
Early Embracing Ethnicity - Etnicidad

Education Educational – Educativo

Schools Success – Superacion
Our Philosophy
The philosophy of the Ocean View Early Education School Program is based upon the belief that each child deserves the opportunity to develop to his/her fullest potential. Children come to the Ocean View Early Education School from varied backgrounds and at different levels of maturity, each with their own unique ability to give and receive. Those responsible for the program are challenged to create an environment which will foster the physical, mental, emotional and social development of all the children in the school.

Each child needs a wide range of experiences in order to develop as they grow from one developmental level to the next. A warm, accepting atmosphere helps a child make the transition from home and family to socializing in a group of his/her peers.

Learning is an on-going process which begins for each child in the home. There is a relationship among all areas of children’s learning. Experience in the Ocean View Early Education School should complement what the child is learning in the home. There should be continuity in the children’s educational experiences as they progress from home through preschool and then on to the elementary classroom.

Teachers with broad academic backgrounds, including Child Development and Early Childhood Education, are required in order to provide the optimal school experience. Because children’s experiences in their early years are of the utmost importance in determining their later adjustment to and success in school, their first teachers should be knowledgeable about child development, and skilled at implementing developmentally appropriate practice.

The teachers at Ocean View Early Education School recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, and community. The uniqueness, dignity, and worth of each child are valued by each teacher and staff member. Parents are acknowledged as the child’s first teachers, and collaboration between home and school is actively encouraged. With the help of the parents and by means of a curriculum sensitive to individual progress, teachers assist each child in his/her first steps on the road to maturity.

Preschool Enrollment

about 1 year ago

The first step to enrolling your child is filling out an enrollment application and turning it in to us.

These are the required documents needed:
Please bring ALL of the following documents to your appointment:
  • Birth certificates for all children in the family (proof of family size)
  • Child’s immunization record (for child being enrolled)
  • Child’s physical examination report dated within the last 12 months   Physician Report-form
  • $25 non-refundable field trip fee
  • Proof of Residence (utility bill, driver license, car registration, copy of rental agreement, no cell phone bill)
  • Proof of income:
  • One month worth of most recent consecutive pay stubs (if paid weekly provide the four (4); two (2) stubs if paid bi-weekly or bi-monthly; one (1) paid stub is paid monthly) from all working parents AND/OR 
  • Any other income (Self Employment – Income Tax, Unemployment, Alimony/Child Support, Public Assistance, Social Security,Worker’s Compensation, etc.) 
El primer paso para inscribir a su hijo/a es llenar una solicitud y entregarla con nosotros.
Estos son los documentos que tendra que traer:

Favor de traer TODOS los siguientes documentos con usted para su cita:

  • Acta de nacimiento de todos sus hijos (para comprobar tamaño de familia)
  • Cartilla de vacunación de su niño/a (solo para el estudiante que vamos a inscribir)
  • Informe del examen físico de su niño/a, realizado en los últimos 12 meses   Physician Report-form
  • Cuota de $25 cuota anual para excursiones - no reembolsable
  • Comprobante de residencia (factura de utilidades, licencia de conducir, registro del carro, copia del contrato del alquiler) 
  • Comprobante de ingresos:   
  • Un mes completo de talones de cheques actuales y consecutivos (proporcionar cuatro (4) talones de cheque si su pago es semanal; dos (2) talones de cheque si su pago es bisemanal o bimensual). Si ambos padres trabajan necesita los talones de cheque de ambos padres Y/O
  • Cualquier otra fuente de ingreso (Trabajo por cuenta propia – Impuestos anuales (Income tax), Desempleo, Pensión de divorcio/Manutención de niños, Asistencia Pública, Seguro Social, Compensación al trabajador, etc.)